Kingdom Wellness Counseling Manuel1

Historically, counseling is a gift and service that has been utilized for the deeply hurting.  Yet with the rise of physical ailments, emotional instabilities, social media engagement, and societal traumas, we are realizing that consistent counseling for everyone is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  From children to senior citizens, there is an outcry for wellness and sound identity.  God has called a remnant to extend a hand of hope, and those in that remnant are called counselors.  If you, your community, your business, your ministry, feel a burden to counsel or open a counseling program, then this manual is for you.  It offers understanding, training, and support for those who are called to heal the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3) and restore true identity to people and communities.  Kingdom Wellness is more than a manual.  It is a map to a destination called wholeness.