Amanda Barnhill's Books/Trainings

Minister Amanda Barnhill

Amanda is a founding Member of KSM. She is a prophet in the marketplace with the ability to hear God clearly concerning strategies for business development and productivity.  She has worked the past 11 years in business management, accounting, and HR. She is well versed in financial systems and operations as well as administration.   She is a certified Business Consultant , and a licensed minister. She has assisted several companies with establishing their LLC and S-Corp elections, self-publishing books, as well as setting up systems for their businesses.   Amanda is the owner of Euodoo Enterprises.   Euodoo means prosperity, wealth, and a journey on business endeavors.  Amanda is a strategist with a passion to see people, regions, and business equipped with strategy for not only now but for legacy.  Her heart is to be a resource center for foundational business practices and standard that will impact and effect changes in cities, regions, and government systems.  Amanda has created a workbook, journal, and e-course for the focus of training on the foundational understanding of business development and accounting.