Dismantling The Demonic Kingdom Encyclopedia

"Dismantling The Demonic Kingdom” is designed to train and equip the reader on how to discern, overthrow, and be proactive against the wiles of demonic forces and systems that strive to steal, kill, and destroy the fruit and progress of people’s lives, lineages, and destinies.

This kingdom encyclopedia provides descriptions on demonology, how they operate in different interactions and circumstances, and keys and strategies for how to dismantle and cast them out.

Learn the following:
  • How to discern the hidden oppositions of the devil.
  • How to discern and identify specific demonic spirits and spiritual attacks.
  • How to identify and thwart attacks on people, bloodlines, ministries, businesses, regions, and spheres of influence.
  • How to be delivered and healed, and how to walk with others as they process in deliverance, healing, and sustaining victory.
  • Be enlightened in deliverance ministry, intercession, warfare, and regional reform that SHIFTS lives, destinies, and atmospheres.