Discerning God's Voice Versus Emotions

Introducing the "Discerning God's Voice versus Emotions" eBook – Your key to hearing God's voice with clarity!

Ever struggled to tell whether your inner voice is from God or just your emotions? 

In a noisy world, distinguishing God's voice from your feelings is crucial. Explore this transformative eBook.

"Discerning God's Voice versus Emotions" guides you to:

🙏 Unlock Greater Clarity: Dive into biblical principles for unwavering faith to hear God.

🔍 Navigate Your Voice Versus God's Voice: Learn to discern the differences between your own voice and emotions versus God's voice as you navigate your season with greater confidence.

And much more...

This eBook is your guide to experiencing God's presence in every aspect of life as you SHIFT greater in discerning His voice. 

Grow in greater intimacy with God, discern better, activate the nuggets you learn, and draw closer to God's voice today!